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Cookies policy



Cookies are files that are stored by a website every time users access it, collecting information on the use of the website, in order to offer a better experience by determining those features of greatest interest to users.

Types of cookies

Session Cookies: These cookies are set to gather information while the user accesses a website, and aren’t recorded in the user´s disc.

Performance cookies: Type of cookies that record the information about the use of the website in the device, and can be accessed to, and used by the cookie responsable during a period of time that goes from a few minutes to various years.

Cookies can also be:

First party: Cookies set by the website visited.

Third party: Cookies received when browsing a specific website, that have been set by a third party service hosted in it.

Purpose of cookies

Technical purposes: Cookies are necessary for the operating of the website. These are also know as session cookies. They make traffic control possible from the server to various users at a time.

Customization: Cookies enable each user adjust certain aspects such as language or regional configuration.

Analysis or Performance: Allows measuring the number of visits and browsing criteria of different areas of the website in an anonymous way.

Advertising: Allows implementing efficiency parameters in the advertisements offered in the websites.

Behavioural Advertising: Allows implementing efficiency parameters in the advertisements offered in the websites, based on information about th user behaviour.


www.dhual.com uses the following cookies: Performance cookies, specifically Google Analytics’ cookies, Publicitary cookies and Customize cookies,

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